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Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff

... The pupils of Fasta International School are able to fulfill their God given potentials.

With highly qualified team of teachers, families who chose Fasta International School do so with the knowledge that their child/wards will be nurtured and cared for as well as enjoy the academic programme to achieve their goals ... read more ...


98% Pass Rate In National and Lagos State Common Entrances

It has become a tradition for pupils of Fasta International School to perform creditably well in all her entrance examinations. In the last academic session, the Lagos State Screening Examination result was excellent.

Our children participated in quiz, debate, invitation relay and other brain-teasing competitions during ... read more ...


Up-To-Date Teaching Aids and ICT Education

ICT is defined as any technology or device that has the capacity to acquire, store, process, or transmit information and can include personal computers, the Internet, mobile communication devices, email etcetera.

In Fasta International School, ICT is seen as a very useful tool to enhance the teaching and learning process, ICT also develop some writing skills: spelling, grammar ... read more ... .


Sports and Social Activities

Fasta International School has a long sporting tradition and her sports teams enjoy considerable success. In the last academic session, the relay boys' team won eight trophies while the female won six.

The football team is very active, they meet every Wednesday to practice and perfect skills related to the game ... read more ...

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Thursday 12th March 2020 - Cultural Day.

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