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Welcome to Fasta International School's WhatsApp Group. This group was created for parents, pupils, staff and stake holders of Fasta International School to interact, discuss and share ideas that would encourage and enhance the learning skills of our children.

You were added to this group because you are a stake holder or friend of Fasta International School. If you no longer want to be part of this group, you could remove yourself using the WhatsApp 'Exit' feature in your App, or alternatively, contact the admin of this group to remove you.

The following are rules and regulations that must be observed when posting on this forum

  1. Post on this platform must relate to child's education. Reflects on activities in Fasta International School, children, staff, parents and stakeholders
  2. Any security information/posts that can help us secure and protect our children, staff and parents; are welcome.
  3. Posts on personal hygiene, sanitation, prevention and spread of infectious diseases are allowed. DO NOT post medical or Technical contents that are falsehoods or misleading.
  4. DO NOT post adult contents or offensive images, pictures or videos.
  5. DO NOT spam this forum with unsolicited messages, adverts or business proposals.
  6. DO NOT use abusive words, commands or vulgar words when commenting in this forum.
  7. Dissemination of false or unconfirmed information is highly prohibited.
  8. Inciting violence or unlawful behaviour is NOT allowed in this platform.
  9. Religious, Ethnicity and Political bias are NOT allowed in this forum.
  10. If you have any private or personal chat to post, please post it privately to the Admin or to the person that you wish to chat with. DO NOT post any private or personal matters in this forum.
  11. If your intended post violates the rules above, but you think it's interesting and worth sharing, select the contacts in your whatsApp list that you wish to share the post with, please, DO NOT select FastaSchool whatsApp.
  12. If you have issues or complaints concerning Fasta School, or you would like to express how you or your child(ren) have been badly treated, please courtesy demands that you visit the school to lodge you complaints. (NOT all issues can be resolved on a platform like this).
  13. Violation of the Rules and Regulations above would attract suspension of your membership, or total removal from the group.
  14. If you would like to add anybody to this group, please contact the Admins.

Thanks and God bless you.

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